Thursday, September 20, 2007

Transportation Safety Board makes recommendations after hot air balloon crash

Aftermath of crash at Hazelmere Campground
News1130 Photo

SURREY (NEWS1130) - An investigator with the Transportation Safety Board has made four recommendations after last month's hot air balloon crash in South Surrey that killed two people. The recommendations deal with the handling of the liquid propane gas system and the fact there's no master "kill-switch" to shut off the fuel in an emergency.

The Fantasy Charter's balloon crashed into the Hazelmere trailer park August 24th, injuring several people and killing a woman and her daughter. The TSB is trying to figure out how a fire broke out in the balloon's gondola before it plummeted into the trailer park and incinerated three recreational vehicles.


Perhaps manifolds should be banned and quick shut off mandatory??? Lets see if the Canadian and US press pick up on that.

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