Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gordon Bennett cancelled

Lifted directly from Aunty Monkey and a post by Kiff

I could be overdoing this claim but hopefully it has grabbed your attention and a eye catching banner is very important in journalism.

The scoop is that having driven accross France to watch the launch of the 21 Gordon Bennett gas balloon race - I have just returned from the field leaving behind a shocked gaggle of gas balloonist who were coming to terms with the cancelation of the event due to lack of ATC clearance.

The shame of it all was that the balloons where inflated, packed and ready to go with the weather perfect and a ideal flight trajectory taking them all towards Poland.

I won't speculate as to the issues but it was highly discernible the disappointment amongst the organisers, pilots and crews who had worked so hard. My heart really goes out to them.

I am sure there will be some hard drinking in Brussels tonight

On a personal note - I must say I was thrilled to watch the set up and inflation of these majestic aircraft - it was also wonderful to meet up with Petra again after many years. She gave me a crew pass so I could wander the launch field and take some photo's. Hope you like them I'm off the Chateau d'Oex to try to catch a gas balloon flight over the Alps - Hopefully I may have better luck A Bientot - Kiff

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