Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nine escape injury after hot air balloon hits power lines

16 hours ago

CALGARY (CP) — A hot air balloon was still touching electrical wires when emergency crews arrived, forcing the pilot and eight startled passengers to wait several minutes trapped in the balloon until utility workers could secure the power lines.

There were no injuries after a gust of wind pushed the balloon into the wires next to an open field where the pilot was preparing to land at the end of the flight.

There have been two tragic balloon accidents in Canada this year, including the death of a mother and daughter after a balloon carrying 13 people went up in flames last month shortly after launching in Surrey B.C.

Eleven others were injured in the crash that was flashed around the world when graphic photos and video were posted showing the balloon plummet to earth before crashing in a ball of fire in a busy trailer park.

Two people were badly burned in Manitoba a month ago after a balloon carrying a dozen people crashed and burned.

Transport Canada is now investigating all three incidents.

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