Monday, September 03, 2007

Dog tired

Thanks very much to the anonymous poster who pointed me towards this video link for what looks like fairly normal landings near a road. All good stuff for the media though.

Trouble is these days every other person has a digital video/stills camera of some sort that can record unfolding dramas.

The upside of this video report is I now know how to say Gatineau!

Once again, thanks whoever posted the link.

Two balloons from the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival made an unexpected landing near the OC Transpo transitway Saturday.

Viewer video shows a dog-shaped balloon landing and then another balloon nearly grazing a building as it lands in a field nearby.

Nathalie Brunette, a spokesperson from the Hot Air Balloon Festival, said there was a minor technical difficulty with the dog-shaped balloon, and the pilot was trying to land on the grass.

Brunette said a vent in the balloon wasn't wrapped tightly enough and the pilot had to use more fuel than usual to keep the balloon in the air.

The pilot chose to land for safety reasons.

The envelope of the Maximillian the Beagle balloon landed on the transitway.

A city spokesperson said several OC Transpo buses were detoured off the transitway for 45 minutes while the dog balloon was being removed.

Both balloons will be back up in the air again tomorrow.

Stay tuned to A-Channel for the latest.

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