Friday, September 07, 2007

Aunty Monkey

Amongst all the sad news relating to Steve Fossett, I thought I would put in a mention for what I consider to be one of the best ballooning resources on the web. Aunty Monkey.

Born out of print version, examples of which are to be found on the site, Aunty Monkey takes a special interest groups to where they should all be, online and communitied up!

You can join and participate in forums and interact with other pilots from around the world. With an added benefit of having a page all for yourself on which you could perhaps promote your ride business or balloon group. Posting your own pictures is also, excuse the ballooning pun, a breeze.

Its top notch and reflects a more sensible view on ballooning. Not taking it as seriously as other places.

Well done Aunty.

Theres a badge link further down this page on the right or you could click Aunty Monkey

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