Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Humpty Dumpty fell on a house


This photo, taken by Debra Manuel of Plano during this weekend's Plano Balloon Festival, makes it look like the Humpty Dumpty balloon fell on a home near Alma and Legacy Drive.
Here's what Debra had to say about her experience:

Humpty Dumpty really landed in the small intersection of that neighborhood, but when I saw the photo it appears to be on the house when you look at the hat. The balloon pilot was having a rough time - the crew wasn't around as he was touching down and the balloon was very close to the Victorian-style street light so I think he was a little concerned. He was yelling for some of the crew and they came running up as we were parking the car. There were a couple of bystanders that jumped in to help bring the balloon down.

Look for more Plano Balloon Festival photos at neighborsgo.com/photos. Also check out a video of assistant editor Emily Goldstein and me going up in a hot air balloon

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