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Zeppelin Experience Tours

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Dates: Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th May 2007

Depart from Stansted Airport on a direct flight to Friedrichshafen on the
morning of Monday 7th May (a UK Bank Holiday).

While in Friedrichshafen we will stay at the Graf Zeppelin Hotel for two
nights (Monday and Tuesday), and then return to Stansted on the Wednesday
evening. (Tour members have the option of making their own travel plans or
extending their stay as they wish.)

Now the exciting bits. During our time in Friedrichshafen the itinerary will

A one-hour Zeppelin flight over Friedrichshafen and Lake Constance (the
Bodensee). Plus an exclusive guided tour of the Zeppelin hangar and a talk
by a member of Zeppelin's technical team. This will provide a fantastic
opportunity to see the progress of NT No.4 which will be under construction
during 2007.

The Zepp flight itself will be on a 'rolling' booking over the three days to
provide the maximum opportunity to fly should the weather be a factor. (In
the unlikely event that the flight can't take place at all then flight fees
will not be charged although all other events will still take place.)

Other activities during our stay:

Guided tour of the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen including a special
talk by an airship expert, together with a meal in the Museum's excellent
restaurant overlooking the lake.

A trip to the Zeppelin Museum and the Dornier Museum in the nearby town of
Meersburg, and possibly a visit to Zeppelin's house in Constance.

We will also organise evening meals on the Monday and Tuesday, possibly
incorporating a boat trip on the Lake, and of course some free-time to
explore Friedrichshafen itself.

Costs are being negotiated right now and accordingly we need to start
confirming numbers, so if you want to join us on this very special inaugural
trip then please contact us now.

Further tours are also being planned later in the year.

John and Ute Christopher

Airship Initiatives - putting airships to work

jcairships@talktalk .net

Tel/fax +44 (0)1453 843909

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