Monday, January 15, 2007

That Lindstrand bloke again.

Its not because I fly one of his balloons down here in South Africa, I've got one from that nice Mr Cameron as well but himself and Richard B did this too many years ago to think about seems like yesterday. Was this one the one that started right at the beginning of the first Gulf War? Think it stole their thunder a bit??

15th January 1991 - First Hot Air Balloon to Cross the Pacific.
Per Lindstrand and Richard Branson become the first to traverse the Pacific by hot air balloon, reaching speeds in the jet stream of up to 245 mph, in their Otsuka Flyer, which travels 6,700 miles in 46 hours. They fly from Japan to Arctic Canada and break the world distance record.
From the very interesting and appropriately title, Cut and Paste Aviation, bit like this blog really.

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