Monday, January 15, 2007

Better News on Don Cameron

This from the Camerons web site

Don Cameron, founder of Cameron Balloons Ltd 35 years ago and a balloon pilot for 40 years, has been diagnosed with cancer. A tumour in his mouth was removed in a successful operation but he now faces some months of chemo therapy.

Don says: " The facts are that my cancer is less frightening than first feared. It has been diagnosed as Hodgkins' Lymphoma which, although something we would all rather be without, is very much better to have than the other possibilities that were suspected. I am told that this responds very well to chemotherapy and the consultant has said he thinks there is an 80% chance of eradicating it completely. Although that is still more dangerous than Russian Roulette, it is better than I had feared. Failing complete eradication, it can be controlled for a long time. For the immediate future, I will have four months of discomfort and be able to work only some days, but after that it should be OK in the medium term at least.

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