Monday, January 08, 2007

Wasting time on YouTube

So having seen that rather sombre footage, imagine my suprise when I came across footage of me flying in Kenya!!

Its my blog so I can crow ;-)

Quite funky music as well.

I knew it was me right off because I was always first out in the que from the Governors launch site.

Check the grass just at the end to get an idea of the landing speeds there, this was a slow one as I can be heard asking the pax to lean back to avoid tipping ;-)

I can tell it was one of the days when we had a less than ideal track, sad as it is, you get to know the area. We are about 300 metres right of where we want to be in order to track down the Mara River nicely.

Can I remember the passengers, sadly not. Sounds awfull but when you fly so many in a year.


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