Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A couple of blog entries that made me chuckle...

I doubt if the ding was big but I like the story, I also like that fact that
Google will now serve up disaster ads because I have posted this.

5) I was once in a hot air balloon accident, when we crashed into a
mobile-home complex in New Hampshire at about 6am. All these crazy people in
their underwear came running out to see what was going on, including some
big fat guy in his tighty-whities who kept trying to pick me up off the
ground to see if I was hurt and I kept yelling "Please don't touch me! Don't
touch me!" And he thought it was because I was hurt but really it was just
because I didn't want some fat guy in just his tighty-whities touching me.

Thats from

And then its time to relax

Reduce Tension By Thinking Tall And Loose January 30, 2007

For the past few days I've been noticing a bit of tension in my jaw. I don't
think the tension is new. Rather, I think the awareness of the tension is

For much (most) of my life, I have carried tension in that area – jaw, neck,
and shoulders. In the past, I would not become aware of the tension until it
became acute and painful. Now, as I continue to deepen my awareness of my
inner state – thoughts, feelings, beliefs – I find that my awareness of the
state of my body is naturally heightened and I am noticing the tension in
the early stages.

So noticing this tension is not a bad thing. If you want to change something
you must be aware of it first.

I find it interesting though not surprising that this awareness has
blossomed after reading the post Look Like A Million Dollars on Noel
Kingsley's blog.

Noel writes:

In order to maintain your proper slim shape, you should free your
neck and 'send' your head upwards. Do this by thinking only. Also think of
your back lengthening. Your body is very springy and it's more than likely
that your full height is taller than you normally experience. The important
thing is that you don't make physical effort to achieve this as you will
only get stiff. Think loose and tall as often as you can. You are tapping
into the natural instinct you have for good poise that you've had from

It's impossible for me to "think loose and tall" and continue to carry the
tension in my jaw. I've been practicing this technique whenever I catch
myself holding some tension in that area. I'll stop and breath into my jaw,
neck and shoulders. I'll pull my head back slightly so that it is resting
comfortably above my shoulders and I'll imagine my head being gently pulled
upwards like a hot air balloon tugging on its tethers.

This technique is especially helpful to me when I am sitting at my desk for
a long stretch. I'll catch myself beginning to hunch forward and compress
down towards my keyboard. Remembering to think loose and tall helps restore
a more supportive posture.

So if you want to feel more relaxed, reduce tension and maybe even gain a
bit of height, remember to think loose and tall.

* Posted in : Well-Being , Healing , Physical Body
* Author : Edward Mills


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