Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little bit late...

From the snappily named WDBJ7 does this mean that theres a 3,4,5 ??

Heres Endeavor Ballooning who they flew with..

After three days of botched attempts due to the wacky weather we've been having, we finally got a special hot air balloon ride underway. We launched from a small farm in Botetourt Co. On this trip, me, my wife Vicky, Colin Graham (the balloon pilot) and Santa. That's right. Yours truly got to ride alongside Olde Saint Nick. While the basket was a bit cramped, I had plenty of chances to ask him for some great holiday gifts. We couldn't have had better weather. Calm winds up to about 500ft, then the winds came in from the west at about 25mph. We went up to about 1,000ft and traveled across several communities with Santa waving at all the boys, girls and animals who came out to see the giant balloon in the sky. The trip lasted about an hour. For someone who isn't the biggest fan of heights, I was never uneasy in the basket. It's such a smooth ride. I've put a link to Endeavor Ballooning next to this blog in case you ever want to take a flight. Hope all of you have the happiest of holidays and thanks for watching WDBJ and MyNetwork TV. I'll see you the day after Christmas! Vacation is calling...

P.S.: Santa told me you'll get that special gift you've been asking for.


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