Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is this old Hempleman-Adams news??

Is this really all the open basket record was?? Lev David and I flew to 9245 metres a couple of years ago and I'm sure others have much been higher in a basket. It does not seem right. Joe Kittinger was not in a wicker basket but he was sat outside.

I thought Per Lindstrand took Judy Leden up to 40,000' to drop her hang glider, thats 12192 metres, looks at web and finds the figure 38,000' which is 11582 metres. Oh and if your interested HA's height gain in feet 32500' or 9906 metres.

Oh it seems it was 38900' that Per took Judy upto thats er um...11856 metres and I bet Per went up after dropping the hang glider as well.

RED DEER, Alta. (CP) - British media reports say adventurer David Hempleman-Adams has set another world record.

On Friday, Hempleman-Adams set out in a hot-air balloon with an open wicker basket near Red Deer, Alta., and climbed to 9,906 metres.

That beat the previous record held by U.S. balloonist Carol Davis, who climbed to 9,537 metres in New Mexico a quarter-century ago.

Hempleman-Adams also braved frigid winter weather conditions in Alberta - at the height of his climb the temperature was reportedly -60 C.

He landed two hours later and 193 kilometres away on open prairie near the Blackfoot Indian reserve.

Hempleman-Adams is the first man in history to reach the geographic and magnetic North and South Poles and climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.

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