Monday, December 24, 2007

Sean and Phil in Sydney Hobart Yacht race.

Phil and Sean from Kavanagh Balloons should be getting feet wet soon, try the links below to follow them, I received the following email...

Both Sean and I are in the race this year and our yacht name is Namadgi, Bavaria 44, Sail #6388, competitor # 48. Our class is PHS (performance handicap system). Sean has put some details up on our web site in the "news" section and this has various links which will help you watch the race as it progresses.

Each yacht carries a GPS tracker and this gives speed, direction and position reports every ten minutes and this information is updated in real time on the Rolex Sydney-Hobart web site,

If you watch the start of the race on television, our yacht has a yellow oval on the mainsail with black printing, "TITLEY RDF". Also, in the unlikely event of a spinnaker run down the harbour, (weather makes it look unlikely at the moment), look for the Kavanagh Balloons yellow spinnaker. A photo of this spinnaker is also in the news section of our web site.

I hope you have as much fun watching as we hope to have sailing the course.

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