Saturday, December 22, 2007

Balloon grounded in Mangalore!!!

Hot-air balloon refuses to go up
Saturday December 22 2007 10:05 IST

MANGALORE: Hot-air balloon show, touted as the highlight of Karavali Utsav, remained grounded through-out the trial show dampening enthusiasm of hundreds of spectators at Nehru Maidan on Friday.

A trial run of hot air balloon for selected invitees including mediapersons also attracted hundreds of people from all age groups. The hotair balloon with a diameter of 160 feet was the cynosure of attention as event organisers began their efforts to get the balloon soaring like a bird in the air.

Much as they tried, the hot-air balloon remained grounded and every strategy in the book to get the balloon afloat came to a naught.

Frustrated event organisers, finally called off the show and hundreds of spectartors resumed their ways with disappointment writ large on their faces. With the trial run landing in a thud, an uncertanity hangs over the formal inauguration of the show on Saturday.

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