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Russian Balloon Flight over a lake I think....

If you get through this lot I think the bottom line is that they flew over a lake!!

Unique flight through Baikal by a balloon
Leo Gav
I investigating cases of extra sensory, including cryptophysics, the abnormal phenomena and others boundary and breakthrough directions. I am 10 years expert of the UFO phenomen with lab examining UFO land points with physics laboratory equipment.
My experience started in 1996 then our group examine Perm Anomalous Zone(M-Zone). And after that almost 10 years expert of the UFO phenomen with lab examining UFO land points with physics laboratory equipment.
Since that period I visit and examine most unexplained phenomena at territory of Europe and Asia, some of them:
1999, town of Kyshtym (Ural, Russia) in late 1990s. We found several artefacts.
2000, Nong Khai (Thailand), phenomen of water fireballs
1999, an expedition to the remote Labynkyr Lake (in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic).
2002–2003: expeditions to Brosno(Russia). Lake in Tver Oblast search were performed.
2004, expedition to Matmata region(Tunisia).
May-Jun 2003, Vitim event expedition(Siberia), Vitim River. Meteorite was found.
2005, Tuza pyramides of Egypt.
2006 Altai Meteorite dicovering. I provide equipment and information for this project. Meteorite, or cometa underearth blow-up was found.
2007 Attending to British program "Psychic challenge". Exploration of Lytkarino highway.
September 2007, Undewater expedition at fallen UFO place, several artefacts were found at 7 meters depth.
I locate zones of phenomena UFO, geopathogenic, geoactive, technogenic and natural character phenomen, do video shootin

Leo Gav
December 16, 2007
Travellers tried to cross time and again lake on ice - on foot, on skis, on the fads and even on dogs. But to fly over it on a sphere people have ventured for the first time.
On it some hours, but what were necessary for pilots Valentine Efremovu and Vladimir Isajchevu of all.
For the first time aeronauts have decided to cross lake Baikal over so-called "a Bermudas triangle". This idea has arisen at pilot Valentine Efremova right after conquest of the North Pole.
Valentine Efremov, the pilot-researcher: "I do not love simply so, somewhere in simple points to fly. It is interesting to me to fly in unusual points of the earth which represent something mysteriousness".
The first attempts to carry out flight through Baikal have been undertaken exactly 100 years ago - summer of 1907, an aeronautic battalion of Russian army. The group of pioneers, alas, was missing, then the Baikal zone has been named by abnormal.
After flight it became clear - to fly through Baikal it is unsafe. Since then some expeditions were missing. For last years 3 more international expeditions therefrom have not returned, and in 2005 for 40 kilometres from this place helicopter Mi-2 with employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures onboard was wrecked. It has taken off on July, 13th from village Oek to liquidate some seats of forest fire. The helicopter has fallen in lake around cape Dug. Both pilots were lost.Eyewitnesses spoke about abnormal movement of air streams which did not allow to cross space over lake.
And here the inhabitant of Irkutsk - engineer-radio navigator Leonid Aminov became the trailblazer in 1996 in sky overcoming over lake. It has alone crossed Baikal across, having done a way to 180 kilometres.
However, it not unique anomalies which have been noticed here. Eyewitnesses observed strange things in area of "the Baikal triangle»: the shone spheres, sparkling concentric circles and sharp weather changes.
This year to solve a "triangle" riddle two Russian travellers - Valentine Efremov and Vladimir Isajchev have ventured. On September, 9th the balloon with researchers onboard will rise on height in 800 metres. If extreme-man it will be possible to issue necessary their names will bring in the Book of records Guinnes on overcoming of Baikal at height 5000 over Baikal.
Travellers have been adjusted exclusively on success. «At us very much wide experience, - traveller Valentine Efremov has told« ». - We are assured, that modern technologies and our general interest will help to solve and secret of Baikal. Eventually, to support us half-affairs» are ready very many, and it already.
The balloon «Sacred Russia» on which traveller Valentine Efremov and pilot-researcher Vladimir Isajchev will depart, has been equipped by the newest systems of navigation. The expedition course was watched by forces of air defence and the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.
The commander of crew «Sacred Russia» - professional aeronaut Valentine Efremov - first-ever has reached the North Pole by a balloon and has made unique expedition to areas of Arctic regions in 2006.
Valentine Efremov, the traveller, interview before flight:
- We will depart over a zone which is a little studied. If five-hour expedition passes without negative consequences for our health, the science will receive the invaluable information, supervision and photos.
Support researchers really many. But trust in success of expedition far not all. «I think, that this research will not bring scientific fruits, because devices in« the Baikal triangle »do not work, and to fix the abnormal phenomena it will not be possible, - the space pilot, twice Hero of Soviet Union George Grechko has told« ». - But I in an amicable way envy such brave travellers. They do it for the sake of interest, instead of for the sake of a science».
"Our primary goal - this flight to pay attention of all public, that Baikal demands protection. Also it is thought to us, it should go right, as it is a sore problem. It disturbs all. And here that for the first time by a balloon flight will be made is in itself involves people in great Baikal", - Vladimir Isajchev has continued.
According to the researcher, the first attempts to carry out flight through Baikal were undertaken 100 years ago. The group of pioneers was missing. Then the lake zone has received reputation of the abnormal. Eyewitnesses observed strange things in area "Baikal triangle": the shone spheres, sparkling concentric circles and different weather cataclysms.
Present flight Åôðåìîâ and Isaichev have devoted not only to a memorial, their purpose - to draw to environmental problems of Baikal attention of the wide public.
"Too one of problems of our expedition would be, say, in this case, to systematise in more details these facts and to transfer them in more proved ôàêòîãðàôè÷åñêîì a kind to expert studying to the scientific organisations of the country", - Sergey Borodin, the expert in abnormal zones, the participant of expedition has told.
- I think, that it is necessary to address to gods who live there, - Valentine Efremov has told before travel. Is god Ulhery - the father of sons of all winds. We will make all traditional ceremonies which exist from time immemorial.
- Once I have heard stories of local residents about the local inexplicable phenomena and about losses of people. Here also has wanted to check up, whether jokes, - Valentine Efremov tells.
To overcome Baikal travellers have solved on a thermal balloon «Sacred Russia». For start were prepared thoroughly: have adjusted navigating devices, a radio communication. Have just in case taken a saving buoy which is inflated for few seconds.
It has appeared, knowingly. To Do without adventures to aeronauts it was not possible. On the middle of lake very unusual winds have started to pull out a balloon at once some. Yes so, that threw a basket here and there, and a sphere twisted a spiral.
- A wind «Áàðãóçèí», «Tama» and «Kultuk» have incorporated and have formed a turbulence zone, - Valentine Efremov explains. - They have tried to cast away us back, to the place of start, but we have risen above these air streams and have departed forward.
Of a balloon and nature antagonism attentively observed both from water, and from air. The high-speed boat followed directly under a balloon, and aside flight from the helicopter was watched closely by rescuers.
In total researchers have spent for extreme travel three hours. And then three more tried to find a place to land. As a result the sphere has failed on mountain top.
- We by miracle managed to survive, - admits the traveller. - we with Vladimir have got off easy bruises and scratches, and here the basket has broken, the sphere fabric has torn. But we could overcome «the Baikal triangle»!
The feat of Nijnii Novgorod citizen was fixed by the Russian representatives of the Book of records Guiness. Now they are made out all official papers and after that surnames will be brought in the new edition of the world book of achievements.
Rehearsal before flight. The balloon will help to define a wind direction. First two attempts are unsuccessful - the wind blows the opposite party from Baikal. Flight is postponed for some hours. Someone speaks about meteoconditions, someone about influence ïîòóñòîðîííèõ forces. As a part of expedition the expert in the abnormal phenomena Sergey Borodin. He wished to survey the Baikal geopathogenic zone which is on cape "Dug". It was not possible. Because of a wind rose start have transferred on cape "Zama".
Sergey Borodin, the expert in the abnormal phenomena: "There serious artefacts are found. Ancient history of 5-thousand prescription, so-called gorizintal an observatory. In behind an observatory obvious signs of geopathogenicity, those. Those places which negatively influence health of the person".
Last minutes before start - travellers stack things - tent, sleeping bags, meal. The landing place is precisely not known - everything, again òàêè, depends on a wind.
With themselves in flight travellers took an inflatable boat. In case of failure it will help them to hold on on water before arrival of a saving boat. It will accompany travellers throughout all way
Travellers accompany not only from water, but also from air. The helicopter, having overtaken aeronauts, waits for them on other coast of Baikal.
Together with the traveller onboard øàðïà "Sacred Russia" will be researcher Vladimir Isajchev. Expedition starts on September, 9th, have informed in the media centre "Russian industry". Specially for this flight the aeronautic device have equipped with the newest systems of navigation. Flight will supervise from the earth of force of air defence and the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. For the first time about puzzles over Baikal it became known in 1907 when the aeronautic battalion of Russian army has made for the first time flight through the biggest in the world fresh lake.
Military men of imperial army have taken out the verdict: to fly over Baikal dangerously. To find out the danger nature some expeditions tried, some of which were missing. Come back surprised with stories about the shone spheres, sparkling concentric circles, "to loss in time" and abnormal movement of air streams which did not allow to cross space over lake.
To start from the western coast of Baikal "Sacred Russia" it was possible after almost five hours of expectation. However first minutes of travel spectators observing from the earth saw, that a sphere has incurred in other party, but aeronauts have risen still above and have found the necessary air stream which has incurred them over lake. After a while with "Sacred Russia" the radio communication was gone. However fears were not justified. Interventions of rescuers which supervised flight, it was not required.
Complexities at aeronauts were not only at start, but also at planting. In the planned point of finish in Buryatiya "Sacred Russia" could not land, it was necessary to search for other platform. By a recognition of travellers, in flight well-known Baikal a wind have strongly pulled about a sphere. After flight Åôðåìîâ and Èñàé÷åâ have been delivered to Irkutsk. Now for travellers wait in Nizhni Novgorod.
Sixty kilometres over lake travellers have flown by for two hours. But winds have incurred a sphere further, on the east, in the Siberian taiga. Communication with a balloon unexpectedly was gone. Some hours from travellers were not any messages. By calculations, gas in cylinders should already will end.
Aeronauts have landed on cape the Uhlan-burgasy, having flown by over a taiga superfluous fifty kilometres.
Valentine Efremov, the pilot-researcher: "On the middle winds there have gone down. Turbulent movement of all winds there has begun and thus it was necessary to us on even big height on five thousand metres".
Travellers managed to establish a record - they the first have crossed Baikal in the widest place by a balloon, at height of 5000 metres. But the secret of the Baikal Bermudas triangle and remained unsolved.
The latest incident has occurred in 2005 - the helicopter going on suppression of forest fires was wrecked: it has taken off on July, 13th from village Oek and has fallen in lake around peninsula Dug.
It is supposed, that abnormal air streams could become a cause of accident over lake of this helicopter Mi-2 in 2005.
The same to whom has had the luck to return, confirm: to cross air space over lake stir abnormal a wind. «Their streams incorporate and together form a turbulence zone which live it was possible to leave very much the little, - the senior scientific employee of laboratory of ecology of culture of the East of the Moscow State University Vladimir Anisimov has told« ». - besides in lake territory other-wordly levels of radiating activity» have been fixed.
However, it not unique anomalies which have been noticed here. Eyewitnesses observed strange things in area of "the Baikal triangle»: the shone spheres, sparkling concentric circles and sharp weather changes.
On the bank of lake there is the most ancient in the world an observatory - now it represents a wall in length 800 metres. Experts are assured: it has been constructed in X century BC to observe those surprising phenomena which occurred in the sky over lake.
«Long since Baikal was sacred lake of Buryats, shamans used its water in the medical purposes, - the researcher of the abnormal phenomena Vyacheslav Klimov has told. - anomalies which there was no time are fixed in reservoir territory, connected, first of all, with its geographical position. The Baikal water pool is a zone of a geological break».
Leonid Gavrilov, the head of international mobile laboratory "Kosmopoisk" makes comments
«We will wait for the report on ecological monitorings of Baikal, at me at most it is a lot of relatives in Irkutsk, me it of very interestingly, probably photo, or records of navigating devices can clear a situation with the Baikal zone. Flight at height of 5000 metres by a balloon over an abnormal zone is the most reliable, but also an unpredictable type of transport. 5000 metres it, of course, any more that place of measurements which can clear something, but certainly are an act which is reputable and attention. Presence of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and air defence services, simply example of imitation for researchers of a similar sort of the phenomena.
At preparation for flight we suggested to take our recorders which we use in abnormal zones. Smallest of them - in size with a battery for hours, also does not demand any service, he should be put in several places of a gondola. Unfortunately at participants was not, it is visible time, - they could not call back to us.
At us the small, pilotless catamaran, by the way, prepares for testing with very simple, reliable engine and a radio beacon for such surface researches. In Thailand, on lake of Fiery spheres «Bang Fai Naag», about city of Nong Êàé this year on October, 25th we wish it to test. The American boat with researchers last year there was gone and local people see the phenomena similar on Baikal ».
So, these qustions about Baikal AZ(anomaly zone) and Undetified Aerial Phenomens(UAP) there still have no answer now.

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