Tuesday, December 04, 2007

$2000 dollar reward for lost blimp!!!

Brian O'Neill really wants his blimp back.

It was his that made a blimp for freedom a few posts ago.

Escaping not once, but twice.

I just love his blog and ahem.... "Worldwide Search" typical Americans!!

They play rounders just like girls here and call is something I have forgotten and have a World series because Canada turns up. Anyhow I'm going off topic.

Good luck Brian, I hope it comes home soon, can't help noticing that eveything to the right of the map is blue.


I will watch eagerly.

Although I suspect the chance of me finding it and claiming the $2000 dollar reward on the Western Shores of South Africa are quite slim.

(And for the blimp, keep going the worlds a big place to explore)

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