Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don Cameron one of two to be offered the freedom of Bristol!!

Congratulations to Don Cameron.

Must admit to a bias here as most of the balloons I have flown have been from his stable. The rest from Phil Kavannagh maybe Sydney will do the same for him.


Pair offered Freedom of the City

Dr Cameron is closely associated with the Bristol Balloon FiestaTwo men who have made "extraordinary" contributions to Bristol are to be offered the Freedom of the City.
Bristol City Council will offer Dr Don Cameron and Paul Stephenson the honour at a specially-called council meeting this afternoon.
Dr Cameron, 68, will be honoured for his contribution to the art and science of modern hot-air ballooning.
Mr Stephenson, 70, will be honoured for his public service and race relations work in the city.
Equal opportunities
The ceremony will take place in the council chamber where council members will vote to declare the two men honorary freemen of the city.
They will then be invited by Lord Mayor Royston Griffey to sign the book of honorary freeman and receive commemorative scrolls.
Dr Cameron is the founder of balloon makers Cameron Balloons and is closely associated with the world-famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta.
In 1964, Paul Stephenson led the campaign to secure equal opportunities for the black community to work for the Bristol Omnibus Company.
He won the support of Harold Wilson, the then Leader of the Opposition and later Prime Minister.
He is also a founder member of the Bristol Black Archives Project, which is credited with building closer relations between all the communities of Bristol.

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