Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That Joke again......

This one from a doctors joke website!! Also its slightly different to the
normal one that does the rounds, but I think we can see from the same family

Four surgeons went on a balloon trip, intending to cross the Netherlands
from East to West.

After a good start, the wind changed and blew them in the exact opposite

After crossing a beach, sea and another beach, they knew they were flying
somewhere over the United Kingdom.

The wind didn't allow them to land, but when passing over a rural area they
spotted a man walking on a small road.

They shouted to draw his attention, and asked him where they were.

The man looked upwards, and without speaking a word, started to take notes,
even took some Polaroids, which he studied for a few moments, walking along
with the flying balloon.

Then he said: "I can definitely say that you're in a hot air balloon."

"Just our luck," one of the surgeons mumbled. He leaned over the rim of the
basket and shouted: "Let me guess, you're a neurologist."

"Correct," the man answered, "but how do you know?"

"Because your information was very exact, but completely useless in
practical situations!"

I liked this one too, could be handy for passenger ride flights.

Neurotics build castles in the clouds.
Psychotics live in the castles in the clouds.
Psychiatrists charge both of them rent.

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