Sunday, February 04, 2007

Music for balloon drivers

During that year, Mark collaborated with friend Chris Hendrick on a second Artery album, "One

Here is an interesting one that I can across.

I think I will have to purchase the album next time I am in Blighty

One Afternoon In a Hot Air Balloon." Here, Chris displayed his penchant for honky-tonk piano, completely changing the sound of the band. He also made it clear from the start that he had no desire to tour the album, so one night, Mark called me and we met in my car, where he played me a tape of the newly finished album... I liked it a lot.

Now with a new line-up of Mark - vocals, me - piano, my brother David Hinkler on trombone and string machine, Dave Hendrick - bass, Garry Wilson - drums, and John White ("That John White Kid") on guitar and saxophone, we did a few UK shows plus a tour of Italy - which was a terrific experience. After that, Mark and I wrote a few new songs, and demo'd them for our record company "Armageddon." But they were dubious that the piano based sound was marketable, and suggested we be a guitar band. I guess that must have been the reason I quit about that time, and went into producing and engineering.

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