Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nokia GPS application

I just bought myself a new Nokia N61 the other day and whilst looking for software
I came across

Nokia bought out a German mapping company last year and have just bought this free mapping application to the market.

Its flipping brilliant considering the cost (free nix nada) and with addition of a 30 quid bluetooth GPS you have a functioning detailed mapping system.

The catch comes if you want turn by turn navigation, then you have to pay, otherwise, its free.

It even shows the road I live in down here in South Africa, its that informed! In the UK it offers searches by postcode and streetname.

It will come pre installed from the Nokia N95 onward, you'll have to check if you have a suitable phone and hand install it otherwise.

If your coming up for an upgrade its worth thinking about. Can you tell I'm impressed ;-)

Much nerdyness

Oh and whats the big balloon advantage?? I think you can send your crew an SMS with your position embedded, they then open the SMS and it shows on their phone on a map! Then can easily hop and skip over to the farmer and show him ;-) As I'm the only person I know with this I can't test it!!

Ok its not a full aviation database GPS but a really cheap standby solution.

I am busy trying to find a cheap Bluetooth GPS unit right now down here but I think I'm going to have to order from Europe.

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