Sunday, February 11, 2007

If I were a balloon pilot...

What if I was a hot air balloon pilot?



Are they even called pilots? Anyways, I was in my somewhat empty head today
just checking things out when I thought …….. What if I was a hot air balloon
pilot ……. I thought that would be pretty cool. I was thinking who cares if
you can't steer the thing, Canada is pretty big and I live pretty much in
the middle, so who cares which way the wind is blowing, I would land on the
ground. But then I thought ………

What if I was a hot air balloon pilot in Ireland. Man, now that would take a
brave soul. Could you imagine? A mechanical error or human error would send
you over the ocean. You would be forced to just float up there until you ran
out of propane, or what ever they run on. You would just float around
looking at he endless ocean knowing that your watery cold grave is below …..
just a matter of time.

But then I got a thinking, how easy would it be to steal a hot air balloon?
Probably not that hard. I mean just untie it and go ……. Or when they are
stored they would probably have to be in a warehouse or something, probably
no one around. So just like steal one, drive it to the country side and fly
fly fly. The reason I say this is, if I where in Cuba or Mexico or something
and wanted to jump illegally over the American boarder …… what better way
than a hot air balloon. I mean, they float 59 chevys across the ocean,
wouldn't a balloon ride be better? well … as long as the wind stays true.

I have more hot air balloon thoughts in that somewhat empty head of mine,
but why would anyone still be reading this? In fact, I must be typing to
myself right now. No one is such a loser that they would actually kept
reading this after the Ireland part, could they? I mean, if you where
reading these words right now it would probably prove that you are the
biggest loser on finheaven. And I don't mean those biggest loser types that
lose weight, I mean this biggest loser types that lose friends. Well, that
is if you had any to begin with. I should stop typing because I am wasting
ink. No wait, I am not using ink. So what am I wasting? It wouldn't be
electricity because my computer would be on anyways. So am I really wasting
anything at all? I could be wasting your time if you where still reading
this, but I already established that no one is still reading this, so no
time is being wasted. I am not wasting my time because I have nothing better
to do with my self. Oh, wait, I got it. I am wasting some calories, because
it would take a few to type this. But is that really called 'wasting'
calories since using them is a good thing? So here I am still typing and not
solving any of the questions I have. Hey, what is that over there. It looks

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