Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sole of Africa Balloon Meet, KwaZulu Natal April 19 - 22

Well its coming together...

The Sole of Africa in conjunction with Airborne Adventures Africa,
Nottingham Road Tourism and surrounding entities will be hosting a Hot Air
Balloon event in the Natal Midlands region over the period of 19 – 21 April

The event was a planned event by the latter parties and they have approached
the Mineseeker Foundation to see how they could assist with the Sole of
Africa campaign. It has mutually agreed by all parties that it would be
beneficial to all to make the Sole of Africa campaign the beneficiary, in
predominately a media way, to promote awareness for the campaign.

It has been decided then rather creates an event that is too large and
costly; it would be wiser and more beneficial to aim for a smaller, but
highly focussed event.

The prime objective of the event is to attract as much media attention as
possible and therefore the event activities have been selected as such. This
will in turn provide sponsors with a high return in investment as well as
assisting the Nottingham Road region in their ongoing tourism drive to host
extraordinary events.

It is planned that the Hot Air Balloon Festival (HOABF) be a small and
prestigious annual event, thereby establishing it as a sought after
corporate event. After discussions it has been decided to limit the event to
120 guests of the corporate sponsor and The Mineseeker Foundation. The
precise split of these guests would be mutually negotiated.

The Nottingham Road area is well-known for its high-end hospitality
industry, with exceptional country style guest houses and hotels.

In addition the Nottingham Road hospitality, restaurants and small foods
business will be hosting the 'Slow Food Week', an event which presents the
best food and dishes in the region.

The combination of these two events will allow for the public to enjoy both
events, the HOABF, being free to the public, with exception to the access to
areas restricted to the HOABF hospitality areas.

We are aiming to have 15-20 balloons at this event, which would be one of
the largest gatherings in South Africa. In addition to this there will be
'special shape' balloons and rides on offer.

The Music from the Skies event would be an AFRICAN first, this has been
previously done in the United Kingdom and Australia, so we are drawing on
the experience of these balloonists.

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