Thursday, November 29, 2007

Toy balloon flys from Northern Ireland to Norway

High flying balloon had enough puff to make it to Norway

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
By Victoria O'Hara

A charity balloon launched in Northern Ireland proved to be full of hot air - after it travelled hundreds of miles to land in Norway.
About 500 balloons were released from Belfast Castle to mark International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in October.
The charity Life After Loss, which organised the release, also ran a competition for the balloon which travelled the furthest distance.
They received two tags back from balloons found across the UK - one from Ballycarry in Northern Ireland and another from Girvan in Scotland.
But a third was found by Kristen Troseng- in Sigdal, Norway, almost 700 miles away.
Life After Loss spokeswoman Heather Savage said they were all very surprised when they read the tag.
"It was found on October 21, exactly a week after the release in Belfast," she said.
"On the day the actual balloon release was very successful indeed.
"Anyone was able to purchase a balloon to be released from the top of the castle.
"People were filling in the tags with messages, and anyone who found the balloons were asked to fill the tag in and send it back to us in Belfast.
"The furthest away would win a prize.
"We really didn't expect to receive one from Norway!"
Ms Savage added: "The conditions must have been good for the balloon to travel that far.
"I thought this was quite incredible!
"I haven't managed to speak to Kirsten yet but I'm looking forward to finding out exactly where she found the tag!"
Ms Savage said the charity event raised £1,200 for a number of baby loss charities.
"A huge crowd turned up, and the release itself was very poignant," she added.
"We are just really starting out as a charity, and this was our first really big event, so we are delighted that it went so well, and we had a great response.
"So I'm sure after the success of the balloon launch we will do it again next year."

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