Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blimey its easy to set up over there, Vickers Ballooning

Good luck to them, obviously they did'nt need to go through the pain of an AOC!!!

Best wishes for your new Venture, Vickers Ballooning!!!!

New business goes up up and away over DelmarvaVickers' Ballooning takes hobby to new heightsBy Molly MacMillan Staff Writer

John King photoMembers of Vickers Ballooning Company in Dagsboro stand in front of their basket. From left is Ken Gerard, and owners Lori and Louis Vickers.
Lou and Lori Vickers are full of hot air -- literally.
Their business, Vickers' Ballooning, LLC is approaching its fifth month of operation and the owners are flying high now that they've morphed their hobby into their livelihood.

"I took my first flight in August and two weeks later I was enrolled in flight school," Lou said.
Lou said he took his sister on a hot air balloon ride in August 2006 to celebrate her birthday and found the experience so enjoyable he decided to pursue a pilot's license for himself.
Less than two weeks after his first flight, Vickers was enrolled in classes to become a hot air balloon pilot. Less than one year after his fateful flight, Vickers purchased a seven-story hot air balloon and began Vickers' Ballooning outside of Dagsboro.
"People can't believe how fast I caught on," he said. "I became a pilot in two weeks."
The couple view their vocation as an element of the entertainment industry. They serve a variety of snacks and offer a champagne toast at the end of each flight.
"It's a new adventure," Lori said. "In this business we can cater to people and show them a really over-the-top experience they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else."
The Vickers said a flight is a great way to celebrate a birthday or a personal achievement, fulfill a dream, or even get engaged -- though they have yet to fly a "big question" flight. The company offers gift certificates also.
Connie Frey was recently treated to a flight for her birthday, despite her fear of heights.
"It was phenomenal," she said. "The flight was very calm and peaceful and it was a gradual rise so you don't really feel anything."
Lori is also afraid of heights, but described the experience as "zen-like."
"It's very calm-- you don't feel the wind and you ride where it takes you," she said. "It's quiet and close to nature and you see the world from a different perspective."

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