Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Better Balloon Times

When I first started putting balloon stories that I came across online, I did'nt for a moment think there would be so many grim ones.

All a matter of timing I guess.

So I would really like it if you have a first solo story or something else thats really excited you, for you dear reader to contact me.

We can have some more light hearted stuff inbetween as well then.

The serious side of ballooning cannot be ignored. In every life a little rain must fall. We should all discuss things that make us uncomfortable in an open space, Aunty Monkey gets my vote. If one person passes on one tip that keeps one pilot safer then it will be worth it.

I am aware that these things get politicised very quickly and camps form, maybe for the good of sport ballooning pilots and crew should try and cut through all the crap.


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