Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Solar Balloons

This video link has just started rearing its head all over the place.

If you want a better way.. try Steve Griffiths excellent explanation of solar tetrahedron.

Its funny that solar balloons are back in the news as just yesterday I put some pictures on facebook or er um well er....

I may or may not have been involved in a UFO report. But its Sean Wakeford actually releasing it not me. So it was him your honour. We flew this from Nottingham Road in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa two years ago.

It went flipping well we chased it for about 15km before it climbed out of view, even with binoculars.

It may or may not have stopped traffic on the N3 highway and R103.

At take off it looked like some bin bags knotted together but once past about 200' it filled right out and became a gently spinning doughnut in the sky. Seans wife had spray painted one side silver and that made it glint as it rotated.

People rang into the local radio station and it even made the paper. I hopped on a plane to Kenya the next day so was out of the way for all the flack.

Deep Joy.

And if as they say around here you really want to go mal, you could always build one to actually take you flying.

Fabulous looking stuff there.


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