Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Small town sports field landing

Balloon makes safe landing
Sarah Fleener, sfleener@pottsmerc.com 7 Nov 2006

>From the Pottstown Mercury

POTTSTOWN -- A routine landing for a hot air balloon stirred things up for
athletes on the fields of The Hill School Monday.

The students, usually with their noses to the turf, stopped dead in their
play and lifted their chins to the sky when it became clear the balloon was
going to land near them.

As darkness approached, the pilot of the balloon, Stan Hess, with U.S. Hot
Air Balloon team, said The Hill School was, and has been in the past, the
perfect place to land in the Pottstown area.

"We've landed there at least a dozen times over the years," Hess said.

As it is with hot air balloons, Hess said the breeze took them to the
Pottstown area Monday night, and despite all the structures in the area,
landing at The Hill School athletic fields on such a nice night is "as easy
as taking a walk down the sidewalk."

Hill School security assisted in the scene, making sure the balloon
operators, students and staff were safe during the landing -- and they all

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