Friday, November 03, 2006

Big pants to fill..

24th February 2006
When Mitch Dowd, an underwear and nightwear manufacturer wanted to show their support for the Australian team in the upcoming Commonwealth Games they contracted Kavanagh Balloons to design and manufacture probably the world's largest pair of boxer shorts.
Measuring 12 meters wide by 10 meters high, the giant undies were then strung between two Kavanagh D-77 balloons and flown across the city of Melbourne by Sean Kavanagh and Paul Gibbs.
Picture This Ballooning managed and coordinated the stunt which also included the "Love" balloon full of VIP passengers and a helicopter loaded with media and cameras.
"While not an incredibly difficult stunt to do, the challenge of flying Melbourne can be enough in a normal balloon, being tied to another certainly added to the concentration required. It was great fun!" said Sean.

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