Monday, November 27, 2006

Hot-air balloon lands in Marlboro backyard with no reported damage

Seems like a job well done here. They have a very sensible rule in Australia
where as long as you are making an approach to land they won't get you for
low flying. Don't try there patience too much though. That got us out of a
lot of hot water in Melbourne a few years ago.

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 11/27/06

MARLBORO — A hot-air balloon made a precautionary landing in a Marlboro
backyard Sunday morning, police said.

The balloon's pilot, Gene Burnstein of Brick, said he landed the
77,000-cubic-foot balloon, which is about as tall as a seven-story building,
in the backyard as a "precaution against running out of landing spots."

Detective Sgt. Paul Reed said no one was injured, and no property was
damaged when the balloon landed just before 9 a.m. in the fenced-in
Cloverleaf Drive backyard that had no trees.

But, Reed noted, it is the first time in his more than 18 years on the force
that a hot-air balloon has landed in Marlboro.

The balloon had taken off in Millstone earlier Sunday morning. Police
assisted the ground crew that had been following the balloon.

Burnstein said when it is time to land, he looks for a safe place where
property will not be destroyed. He said he also looks for a place where he
will be welcome.

"It was getting a little later in the morning and getting to the point where
it was prudent to land," he said. "We were avoiding problems by landing when
we did."

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