Thursday, October 11, 2007

Record Day for accidents at Albuquerque

With thanks to Carrie Smith who sent me the link

Lots and lots of videos contained there with news of the Balloon Fiesta and accidents occuring.

The 911 calls from members of the public reporting the incidents were interesting.

Also the footage of the balloon that was involved in the fatality.

Not the place to speculate but it looked like there was plenty of room to deflate it beyond where it was stuck in wires.

Perhaps the American tradition of adding the time from when the burner is first lit to there flying time will be called into question and real flight time experience ie from when the balloon lifts from the ground to when it touches down, what everyone else does, will come into play.

Using my poor mathes, an American pilot that claims 2000 hours will actually have flown in the order of 1700 and a bit hours.

The bottom line is that avoidable sad accidents have occured yet again at Albuquerque.


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