Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Atlantic Crossing

Beginning to catch up with websites and sleep after our little adventure
filming from the balloon all across South Africa.

So heres the first thing I have added in a while from.


Hempelman Adams

Hot Air Balloon Crossing Planned
April 30, 2007

Another Atlantic crossing could begin from St.John's this summer, this one,
a hot air balloon. British adventurer David Hempleman-Adams has a hot-air
balloon team assembled, ready to cross the Atlantic. They want to do it from
St.John's this summer. Last year, they used Calgary as a base to set an
altitude record in a hot air balloon. One of his crew, Nigel Mitchell, says
Adams is one of the world's greatest living adventurers and was the first
person to achieve the Explorers Grand Slam, having climbed the highest
mountains on each of the world's seven continents, including Mount Everest.
The team has written St.John's City Council asking for information on the

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