Friday, March 23, 2007

UFO mystery has an earthly explanation

Notice anything about the childrens names??

THE mystery surrounding the UFO which terrified a Hertford family appears to
have been solved.

Maxine Abbess, 44, feared her family would be "wiped out" when a strange
dark cylindrical object plummeted towards her home in Pages Lane on the Sele
Farm estate last week.

The bizarre phenomenon baffled several witnesses in the county town, as the
Mercury reported.

But it looks like there was nothing to fear - apart from being hit by a very
large, wobbly, black balloon.

We were contacted by Jani Melender, a spokeswoman for Above Top Secret
Aliens and UFOs forum, the biggest UFO watch on the internet.

She said: "We took notice of your story and from the description of the UFO
we immediately came to a conclusion that this was nothing else than the
latest gadget fad - a large, black balloon named Solar Airship, which is on
sale in the UK right now.

"The balloon is filled with hot air, not helium as one might think, and that
makes it susceptible to rapid rises and drops in altitude.

"It's also very large, which would explain the fear of the family."

She added: "Above Top Secret is a cluster of experts and we've more or less
come to the conclusion that this was nothing else than a balloon."

When Maxine saw the shape, she was with husband, Paul, 41, the head chef of
Braughing's Axe and Compasses pub, their eldest son Sam, 18, and other sons,
Aston, 11, Ayrton, 10, and Jenson, 8 - pupils at Wheatcroft School in
Hertford who are named after fast cars and Formula 1 drivers.

But Maxine was not convinced.

She said: "If it had just floated in the air I would agree that it was a
balloon, but it plummeted at an incredible speed and stopped dead. Then it
slowly floated up again.

"I wish it was a balloon - but I don't think so."

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