Monday, December 18, 2006

Well blow me down (or away I suppose in a balloonists case)

I wonder if George will sue me for lifting his content?

We certainly have flown lawyers before but its always a bit of a worry ;-)

Seem that they have one thing in common with balloonists and that's a love
of beer!!!

In case any of you doubted the Internet Revolution's power, I got a comment
to my joking post about Grant Griffiths and his hot air ballooning from
balloon pilot and entrepreneur, Gary Mortimer, from, are you ready for this,
South Africa. I think that all lawyer bloggers in the U.S. should take a
trip to Gary's Lodge in Africa, and go hot air ballooning. While we are up
in the air, we could all blog simultaneously, creating the world's first "in
the air" law blog rave. I am entertaining comments from all law bloggers in
the blogosphere. I think we need to do this before we die. Any takers?
Thanks, Gary, for planting the idea in my head. In any event, since I can't
bring my RV with me, how about I rent one, and drive it to the balloon
airfield? Then, if I get cold feet, I could sit in the AC, drinking beer,
until I get up enough courage to go up.

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